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As of 30 Mar 2017, self-registration on our Jabber server is disabled due to an overload of spam registrations. Contact us if you'd like to get an account on the server, but you're probably better off finding one of the more well-known servers.
All accounts without roster entries and profile data have been removed (roughly 17000). If this affected your legitimate account, sorry! There's only so much we can do to keep this thing running in our precious spare time. Contact us to get your account re-created.
This is why we can't have nice things...

Most of the services on are not available for the general public. You can, however, use the following ones without unreasonable obligations and absolutely free of charge:


If you have suggestion or criticism or any other kind of feedback, please do not send it to, or; mails to those addresses are silently discarded in order to fight spam. Instead, please use the form below or have a look at my contact page.

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Private site

After writing all this I could as well tell you about my personal homepage. It doesn't offer any comparable services at all (except for the software development corner where you can get the software I've written) but you will learn a lot about me and my view on things. It also lists a few other ways to contact me.