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HTTP polling works again. It is now only availibe encrypted via
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HTTP polling out of order. AIM gateway.
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Contrary to ICQ, MSN, AIM and many others, Jabber is an open messenging system, everyone can run a server without losing the possibility of talking to people on other servers. Which is why (powered by the Shared Server Project) runs one too.

Jabber supports normal paging features such as online notification and contact lists (Jabber calls them "roster") and everything else you might know from other Instant Messenging systems. Additionally, it has an extensions that allows people to gather in groups and talk in a one-to-many conferencing style.

The Jabber service on also features a gateway to ICQ--you can use it to connect your ICQ account with your Jabber account on, allowing you to use your Jabber account on both the Jabber network and ICQ. People on ICQ will see you appear with your usual ICQ number, and you will see people on ICQ appear as <icqnumber> (or if you are using the new and improved ICQ transport).

Similarly, you can use your Jabber account on to communicate with AIM users. AIM users will be displayed as <AIM screen name> We also support the MSN and Yahoo! messengers in a similar way.

Get an account

The Jabber server on is public, anyone who needs an account can register it, just like that and with no catch. Get yourself a Jabber client and make it register an account for you. For those unfortunate people who can't find a client that supports account registration, I suggest you use the web chat interface to sign up and then put your brand new account data into your client as usual.


For the unlucky beings impaired by an extremely restrictive firewall that will only let through HTTP, also offers the possibility to use HTTP polling, an extension that tunnels Jabber through HTTP. Some clients, such as Exodus for Windows support this (someone please confirm this works correctly), or Psi for *nix and Windows.

Once you have obtained a client that supports HTTP polling, set it to use the URL

I ask everyone using this feature to not poll more often than every five seconds (if you can configure the polling interval of your client, anyway), so our server traffic doesn't increase unnecessarily. Thanks.

More information

There is an entire website about Jabber. Whatever you want to know, you'll probably find it there.


If you need any help, contact me via Jabber, my ID is jast and the server is (the form you use is user@server but I didn't feel like making it too easy for spam spiders, so I teared it apart a little). The same components form my e-mail address as well.